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What's is the Second Chapter Kids Class Like?

Diverse group of kids getting support from Second Chapter Kids.Second Chapter Kids is an educational and supportive 15-week program that reaches out to hurting children, ages 4-12, and struggling parents experiencing adversity. Recognizing the emotional needs of children growing up in today’s world due to many forms of adversity (i.e. divorce, stepparents and stepsiblings, drugs and alcohol, and more), Second Chapter Kids provides an encouraging and supportive environment for children to interact with others of the same age and same experiences.

Kids participating in this program will enter one of three small groups (Pre-school-ages 4-6, Elementary-ages 7-9, Pre-teen ages 10-12) and advance through four modules of curriculum during this 15-week session geared toward each of these age groups. Our curriculum includes:

  • Facing My Feelings All My Feelings are OK

    Children learn how to name their feelings, how to express them in a healthy and appropriate way, how to recognize and lower feelings defenses, and how to use their feelings to know when it’s time to ask for help.

  • Living in My Family - "There Are No Perfect Families”

    Children are encouraged to see their family, whoever that may include, as their primary place of belonging and support. They also learn and practice a variety of family living skills.

  • Growing Through Changes – "Nothing Stays the Same Forever”

    Children learn to deal with the significant changes in their lives by grieving the losses that occur when things change. They learn to identify and manage the six stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance and Hope.

  • Making Wise Choices - “I Always, Always Have Choices”

    Children learn the difference between wise and unwise choices, a six step process for making wise choices, and how to find wise adults when they need to ask for help.

Second Chapter Kids is Christian-based, although it is open and may be applied to families regardless of their faith. As kids participate in this program, we are confident that children will more successfully heal from their emotional trauma by walking through divorce together with others of their same age group and working through many of the very difficult emotional issues of divorce that our curriculum addresses. Classes are held weekly at a location that provides a safe, private and confidential environment.