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Look What People Say About The Second Chapter Kids Program!

"I was two months old when my father left. There were no displaced homemaker programs back then. No Confident Kids program to help bring hope and light and God's love to hurting children. But there is today. I've read their material, and watched how Confident Kids has helped many children at my home church. If you're looking for a tool to build up broken hearts, and teach people about God's best, I heartily recommend Confident Kids." - John Trent, Ph.D A nationally known speaker, counselor, and best-selling author (The Two Sides of Love, The Language of Love, The Blessing, The Value of a Man, and Love Is A Decision).

America is not the only place with hurting kids.

This message comes from the other side of the world:

“We are now in our third week of Confident Kids! Having received the Confident Kids Curriculum 'Facing My Feelings', and with my Pastor's encouragement and blessing, out went the invitations to the families of the 12 children who had been on our hearts. We have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the parents and kids. We are experiencing the door of opportunity wide open by the Lord and confirmation every step we take.

We are a team of 5 leaders, with 12 children and we have a teenage helper, and the possibility of another leader with 4 kids. We all love the interaction we are having within our groups and the children's responses are very encouraging. The lessons just allow for these kids to be honest and open.

We have special activities tailor-made for these kids special needs. We allow 1/2 hour for this activity which varies from electronics, woodwork, cooking, craft, learning the drums, and we are finding that the children rise to the challenge with every new skill they are taught. For this 1/2 hour we recruit a male from our church who has a skill to share with the boys and at the same time present a good role model. Each week, during activity time, one of our leaders takes a group of 4 children to visit the sick and lonely in our community and in the nursing homes and hospital. They go armed with bunches of flowers tied with ribbon, and heart shaped cards that say GOD LOVES YOU, and who we are.

We adopted the name Building Confident Kids to help parents and people in our community identify with what we are aiming to do. We love the curriculum because it works for the kids and opens the way for the Lord to minister to their deep needs and already we are seeing encouraging changes in these children.

Thank you, please be encouraged.” - Leonie Ward, Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia

From a Teen

“Hi. My name is Drew and I am 15 years old. I was in Confident Kids from 4-6th grade and I loved it. I was able to get my problems out and talk and cry and show that I was really hurting. I am now a counselor myself, and there is nothing more I can say but that I love it and enjoy every minute. I have been encouraging kids my age to come and be like sub counselors working under an older counselor which I have been doing for 2 sessions. Thank you for making Confident Kids. For all the kids who have been through it, I thank you.” - Drew

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