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I Belong at Second Chapter Kids

Second Chapter KidsNew to Second Chapter is Second Chapter Kids. This program, geared toward pre-school through pre-teenage children (ages 4-12), offers the same support, education, encouragement and healing as Second Chapter offers to adults, with age-appropriate curriculum that our children can understand and relate to.

We, at Second Chapter, recognize that children from divorcing families experience the same emotional trauma that Moms and Dads do. Second Chapter Kids has been developed with this in mind. By participating together with other kids experiencing divorce in a supportive and encouraging environment, children learn how to heal and grow by advancing through four modules of Second Chapter Kids curriculum:

  1. Facing My Feelings – “All My Feelings are OK”
  2. Living in My Family – “There are No Perfect Families”
  3. Growing Through Changes – “Nothing Stays the Same Forever”
  4. Making Wise Choices – “I Always, Always Have Choices”

This program not only benefits kids experiencing divorce, but kids hurting and parents struggling with all forms of adversity. As our curriculum is universal to adversity, we are confident that Second Chapter Kids will provide healing and hope for hurting kids no matter what their source of pain may be.

Second Chapter Kids program goals are as follows:

  • Teach children skills necessary to understand, talk about, and cope with their life circumstances in healthy and positive ways.
  • Encourage children to talk about their experiences in a loving, safe environment.
  • Build self-esteem and a sense of trust through relationships with caring adults (small group facilitators).
  • Provide opportunities for spiritual growth, if so desired, through use of our Christian-based curriculum, prayer and Scripture in dealing with their life circumstances.
  • Ensure the all children in Second Chapter Kids know, without a doubt, that they are unconditionally loved.

As a complement to Second Chapter, Second Chapter Kids is conveniently offered at the same time and the same place that our Second Chapter adult program is offered. As adults who have participated in Second Chapter have experienced, we believe that Second Chapter Kids will provide children, as well, with the right mix of information, resources and support for them to continue to grow and mature through divorce into a happy, healthy and stable adult.

Sandra Fancher

Second Chapter Program Director
La Crosse Chapter